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Original Work – All courses/content submitted must be original work and cannot be claimed by another individual. Promotions – Incluzion will market your course individually and collectively with other courses. To enhance our promotional efforts, we will need a headshot and bio from you. We will also need your chosen graphic that represents your course. You can design the graphic to your liking. Please make sure the graphic does not have any images that can be claimed by anyone else and should be a ‘royalty free’ image.

Commission from Sales – Incluzion agrees to pay you 75% of all income generated specifically from your course. You can submit an unlimited amount of courses. You cannot claim any income from courses that are not owned by you.

Length of Campaign/Items Availability – Your course will remain on the Incluzion Learning site for a Lifetime. If you choose to remove a course form the Incluzion Learning website, you will have to notify us so we can properly close out your account and payout any unpaid funds.

Discounted Rates – From time to time Incluzion will host special sales (i.e. Black Friday, etc.). Prior to any sale being put into place, you will be notified and, at that point, you will have the option to adjust the pricing within your portal to be a part of the sales campaign. If any of your courses are purchased during a sales campaign, your payout will be based on the going sales rate.

Refunds – Incluzion will not be issuing any refunds on any Course purchases. Customer Service – Incluzion assumes responsibility to handle all inquiries for any technical issues the Course Participants may experience. You are responsible for answering any customer inquiries pertaining to the Course Content, external assessments, etc.

Loading of Course Content – You are responsible for loading your own Course content. If you are not ‘technically savvy’, we can load your course for you for an additional fee starting at $250.00.

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